Career is a very important part of everyone’s life. People who build strong career for their life they ensure their future. Everyone who builds strong career does not leave behind in race of life. Career is mostly associated with professional life. Choosing a career is a big task and decision for which we should be prepared for it when time demands to take decision. When we are in school, we do not have any tension to take decision about career. Parents always take better decision for us.

But, when we are in colleges and universities we have a responsibility to take decision about our career what we do in future. Now we are thankful to internet because we can explore on it about different careers and take a decision. But, the advice of our elders about choosing the career plays important role to help ourselves also. We must be very careful while choosing our career. We must not choose the field where our friends has taken it or our parents want us to go for it. We should listen to our heart and take decision what we really want to study. We should choose those subjects which have a value in the future and demand, moreover, there is a good job market for them.


Lahore, November 1.