Use of intoxicants and drugs is become so common that it has become a global problem. This problem has covered not only poor countries but also rich and developed countries. In the last few decades, this problem has been increased exponentially in Pakistan. According to UN estimates about 6.7 million people are drug users in Pakistan. The drug users are mainly high in KPK province. According to 2013 survey drug users in Baluchistan was 280,000. By seeing this high rate and number of drug users it can be easily estimated that the drugs are cheap and easy to get in the country. Cannabis and heroin are most commonly used drugs.

Young boys and girls are mostly the adductors of drugs. It mainly confined to big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar. Hostels of boys and girls are main centers of these drug addicts. Most of the students take drugs as matter of fashion like NUST a renowned university has introduced a special area for students for smoking.

Efforts must continue to drive out this evil from the society and country. Smugglers and anti-social elements must be dealt with sternly. Guidance cells should be open in all universities in order to provide guidance to frustrated youth in the country.

Please give a wide publicity to these views of mine in the interest of the youth of the country.


Lahore, November 15.