FAISALABAD - Mechanised farming is imperative to ensure food security for the growing population of Pakistan, said Senior Vice President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) Mian Tanvir Ahmad. Addressing a seminar on 'Farm Mechanisation and Future Challenges', he said that agricultural lands were shrinking fast due to rapid industrialisation and massive expansion of cities. Some farmers had small landholdings and could not afford big tractors, he said and added that the Agriculture Engineering Department should develop cheap and suitable agriculture appliances for farmers with limited financial resources and small landholdings. Agriculture Engineer Dr Mohammad Ashraf told the audience that agriculture was contributing 18.9 per cent towards national GDP, while agriculture commodities were also being consumed as raw material in different industries. He said that seven million hectares agriculture land was wasted every year which had enhanced food security concerns.

Dr Mohammad Ashraf also responded to the questions and queries of the participants of the meeting while Mian Tanvir Ahmad presented FCCI shield to him.