President Arif Alvi who reached Lahore on a two-day visit has refused to step outside from the airport until the protocol sent away.

President Alvi Tweeted, that despite his continuous struggle to keep security but reduce protocol there are 32 cars to escort him waiting outside. "I will wait until they leave," he further wrote.

This is not the first time when Arif Alvi spoke against the protocol given to him. In September he was given a huge protocol from Karachi airport to his residence despite his request to keep protocol as minimum as possible.

"The long chain of official cars following me is despite the fact that I asked all officials present at the airport not to embarrass me with a huge protocol and that one or two cars in front and one or two cars behind may satisfy their security needs. Did not happen. We have to try harder," he tweeted.

The president's recent visit to Quetta led to traffic jams in several parts of the city.