Okara-A female beggar kidnapped a 5 years old girl from the house of a family. The police took prompt action and recovered the girl within hours after arresting the accused.

In the village Marrha Sharif near Basirpur a beggar maid, later identified as Gulshan Bibi, entered the house of Muhammad Iqbal s/o Niamat Ali in his absence. His wife and 5 years old daughter Sonai were at home. Gulshan Bibi begged for food and old clothes. The landlady gave her food and busied herself in domestic chores. The beggar maid kidnapped the 5 years old Sonia with her, which her mother came to know after minutes. She ran after the beggar main with some villagemen. The Basirpur police was also informed. Taking action hectically the police arrested the beggar main Gulshan Bibi and recovered the child girl from her possession. A case was registered.


A student fell and was run over by bus while boarding. Usama Iqbal a resident of village 52/2L, 2nd year student of Technical College Shiwal and is companion stopped the bus No.LZR-5428 going to Sahiwal on the National Highway and tried to board it. The conductor pushed him down and the driver sped up. The student was run over by the bus hind wheel and died on the spot. The other students stopped the bus and set up a protest. The conductor and the driver succeeded to escape. The local college student also reached the site and started raising slogans. The students pushed the bus, turned it turtle and broke it window panes. The Rescue 1122 and the police arrived at the site and rushed the dead body of the boy to hospital. The angry student started protesting and blocked the GT road, which is still continued. The family members of the dead student also reached the site. They demanded the District police Officer Jahanzeb Nazeer Khan to immediately arrest the driver and the conductor of the bus. The DPO assured them of registration of case and the arrest of runaways.

The local administration has succeed to negotiate with students for relieving road block after talking with them for 4 hours. A case was registered.