ISLAMABAD     -    Ministry of Human Rights has decided to maintain registry of sex offenders and to connect it with the registries of other countries so that activities of the sex offenders could be checked. Speaking here at the NA on Friday, Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari said Sohail Ayaz, a pedophile, was a consultant at the World Bank and the bodies funding the projects were responsible for hiring against such posts. She said that the project implementation agencies should insert a clause in their rules to prevent the hiring of such persons, having a criminal background.  Responding to a calling attention notice regarding violation of child rights, which results in robbing millions of children of their homes, education, proper diet and force them to work and beg, she said, “In order to collect scientific data about child labour, Ministry of Human Rights, in collaboration with the UNICEF, had launched National Child Labour Survey, which will be completed by June 2020.

Shireen said the purpose of the survey was to collect an empirical data which would help in devising a comprehensive policy for combating with the child labour.

“Ministry of Human Rights is determined to devise result-oriented policies on the basis of the data,” she stated.

She said the government was committed to ensuring protection of children’s rights by implementing international conventions on child labour.

“It is our priority to ensure that every child in the country receives education and proper health facilities,” the minister said, and added, “Our constitution guarantees protection of fundamental rights of the children.”