LAHORE           -     The Pakistan Society of Neurosurgery organised 32nd International Conference on Neurosurgery and Trauma at a hotel here on Friday.  Leading surgeons from across the world and Pakistan delivered lectures and read research papers at the conference largely attended by healthcare providers. Punjab Institute of Neurosciences Executive Director Prof Khalid Mahmood performed live endoscopy, removing brain tumor through nose. He delivered lecture on trauma, possible complications and its management. From United Kingdom Prof Shaz Ahmed, Prof Amjad Shad and Prof Mumtaz Ali removed brain tumor from the back portion of head of a patient without opening it. More than 300 participants from Pakistan and America, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, China, Spain, France Africa and other countries attended the event. All the three units of PINS also contributed eight research papers.  Prof Khalid Mahmood said that Pakistan was not lagging behind the world in the field of research. He told that tumors were being removed without giving anesthesia to the patient and PINS has taken lead in this regard. He appreciated holding the event that would directly help doctors updating knowledge and skill.