Pakistan has always supported Kashmir in their struggle for freedom. Recently, the P.M said that that those who wanted to cross the LOC and wanted to fight the IHK would be the worst enemy of his homeland and Kashmir. He added that India would definitely blame Pakistan if any mis-adventure takes place inside the region. The same words were repeated in UN General Assembly. Washington praised the words of PM Imran Khan and asked India to lift the inhuman curfew.

USA has to play an important role in Kashmir’s issue. The US president has already made offers of mediation but India didn’t respond positively. Diplomatically, Pakistan has taken some bold steps such as the Foreign Minister contacted his counter parts and informed them regarding Kashmir’s situation. USA planted the seed of extremism in Afghanistan and then ran away, leaving Pakistan in a situation of disarray. India has always blamed Pakistan for every misadventure that took place. The PM warned the world that India would blame Pakistan again. It’s a test of UNSC to give the right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir. Keeping the current situation in mind, Pakistan needs to be very careful as India will not remain silent and will definitely try to create tensions among the nuclear states.