KARACHI    -     Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Friday submitted a resolution in the Sindh Assembly, asking the Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah to step down in the wake of its ‘poor performance’.

The PTI lawmaker Khurram Sher Zaman maintained in his resolution that Sindh government had badly failed to deliver under the leadership of incumbent CM. “This House resolves that the Sindh Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has failed to provide good governance, development, peace and welfare to the people of Sindh. Poor governance and financial mismanagement can be read about annually in the Auditor-General of Pakistan’s audit report on Sindh Government, where the quantum of financial irregularities and violations are in the hundreds of billions of rupees each year,” the resolution read.

It added that in terms of security and peace, the major urban centers are experiencing rising street crimes as well as over 57,000 absconders are roaming on the streets of Sindh. It was mentioned in the resolution that public healthcare delivery has been a disaster given the recent wave of epidemics affecting this province such as HIV/AIDS, dengue, dog biting cases, rabies, Gastroenteritis, Diarrhoea, unavailability of clean drinking water, contaminated water and polio virus found in the sewage of Karachi.

“In addition, the education emergency declared by Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah back in 2016 has been a complete failure, as quality of education of government schools’ lags far behind the private schools. Sindh Education Department spends hundreds of billions each year but girls’ enrollment rates are dropping and dropout rates are rising. This House demands that given the poor performance of Sindh Government, Murad Ali Shah should resign immediately as the Chief Minister,” the resolution read.

Speaking to media after submitting the resolution, Sher Zaman said that this is the 12th consecutive year of the Pakistan People’s Party government in the province yet it failed to deliver for the masses. “Sindh has received Rs 5,550 billion during but no development was witnessed in any sector,” he added.