After reinfection cases in other parts of Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has also reported the first instance of COVI-19 reinfection. The second wave and rising deaths, including the sad demise of notable journalist Arshad Waheed Chaudhary and Justice Waqar of Peshawar High Court (PHC) depict a gloomy picture. Experts also believe that reinfection cases become more severe. All these adverse developments show that the second wave is far more ferocious and perhaps more lethal than the first one.

As time has passed, it has only become more evident that we know very little about the nature of this strain of coronavirus. Our inability to understand the virus makes it the most dangerous and unparalleled phenomenon that the world is experiencing. People need to realise that the antibodies produced are short-lived. They do not become a lifelong shield against the virus. The recurrence of the virus in recovered patients is alarming; however, thankfully, such cases are not too high.

Every person needs to understand that the illness we are battling against is not an ordinary one. Therefore, the only way to stay safe is to adhere to the safety measures that the health experts recommend. It is high time that both the government and the ordinary people accept the precariousness of the situation.

Of all safety measures that we must practice with utmost seriousness is to maintain social distancing.

Given the present situation, it is crucial that we come to our senses and understand how grave the problem is. Any further carelessness can cast public health disaster upon where our hospitals will fail to function at all. We have already seen that precautionary steps against the virus are the best way forward. Therefore, we must appreciate the sheer importance of all such steps that have already proven the most effective in limiting the transmission of this deadly virus.