ISLAMABAD   -   Prime Minister’s Focal Person on Shelter Homes Naseem ur Rehman has said that concerted efforts were being made to sensitise ‘Panahgahs’ dwellers about Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), issued by the government to curb the coronavirus pandemic second layer in the country. “We are ensuring strict enforcement of the health guidelines such as mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing at the facilities to keep the virus at bay,” he told the media at the ‘G-9 Shelter Home’ during his routine inspection visit. He said all the service providers at shelter homes were sensitized about the precautionary measures that were imperative to prevent the pandemic outbreak at crowded places. To a question, the focal person said some six ‘Panahgahs’ at the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad had more than 30 staffers who were being educated regularly so that the health messages could be delivered to the dwellers by them in a face to face interaction. He said large size radios had also been installed at the shelter homes to convey the health messages to the residents directly. Special programmes were being broadcast on the specific radio channels to enhance their awareness level against the contagion, he added. “With the help of a Strengthening Participatory Organization, we have installed at least three hand-washing booths at each panahgahs of Islamabad including Bhara Kahu and others to ensure their safety from the coronavirus.”‘“In the prevailing situation, hand-washing booths at the panahgahs will work as a critical equipment in combating the deadly virus which has devoured several lives across the world,” the focal person remarked.

He said all the public and private sectors’ resources were being mobilized to ensure regular medical supplies at shelter homes of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.