HYDERABAD   -  The Farm Advisory Centre organised a seminar in Matiari district on Sunday in which Sindh Abadgar Board’s Syed Nadeem Shah emphasised on the need of providing incentives and support to the wheat farmers. He said the provincial government would have to give the required priority to the wheat crop in order to meet the national demand. He pointed out that one of the reasons for low wheat production was the delayed sowing of the crop, because the sugar mills delayed the cane crushing and the cane crop continued to occupy the farmland on which wheat was supposed to be grown. The Fauji Fertiliser Company’s official Abdul Jalil Jarwar briefed the farmers over increasing the wheat production. He asked the farmers to carry out the soil testing before sowing the crop and to use fertiliser as per the recommendations of the experts. He advised the farmers to spray the wheat seed before sowing the same because due to the environmental changes the seeds were under attack of different insecticides.

The farmers’ representatives from Matiari and Hyderabad districts also expressed their views on the occasion.