The white in the Pakistani flag represents minorities and is symbolic of the idea that non-Muslims are to be treated as equal citizens of the country. The Hindu population of Pakistan has not changed since 1951, when it accounted for 1.5 to 2 percent. This is contrary to the claims of forced conversion to Islam, clearly false, made by Indian politicians. Most Hindus live in the urban areas of Sindh and more than half are concentrated in the South-Eastern district of Tharparkar. Furthermore, 4 percent can be found in Punjab and a small portion in KPK and Balochistan.

While addressing the first constituent assembly on August 11, 1947 Quaid-e-Azam said, “You are free go to your temples, free to go to your mosques or any other places of worship in the state of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or cast or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the state”. On August 9, 2020 eleven bodies of a Sindh based Hindu family (Bheel) were found in Lodta, a village of the Jodhpur district, in Rajasthan, India. The bodies were found in a field under mysterious circumstances. Kewal Ram was the only surviving member of the family and according to him, the deceased included the parents, brothers, three sisters, a daughter, two sons and Budha Ram, the head of the family. One family member said that they were tempted to relocate due to the tall claims of the BJP-RSS led government. Shrimati Mukhi claimed that RAW killed the family members through the RSS goons after it failed to convince them to spy against Pakistan since they had decided to return to Pakistan to expose RAW.

The family members were continuously pressurised to issue a statement denouncing the government of Pakistan. The foreign office of Pakistan summoned an Indian diplomat and conveyed serious concern regarding the matter. The diplomat was told that the daughter of the deceased head of the family, Shrimati Mukhi, had made highly concerning statements implicating RAW in the murder of her father, mother and other family members after the agency failed to convince them to spy on Pakistan and issue anti-Pakistani statements.The Indian authorities deliberately hid the facts and did not share the FIR or any other details.

Recently, Pakistani Hindus rallied in Islamabad to protest against the killing of 11 innocent Pakistani Hindus in front of the Indian high commission. They chanted slogans against the Indian Prime Minister, Modi, and his BJP-RSS led government. They demanded an inquiry into the incident from the Indian government and judiciary. They also demanded that a copy of the FIR and the postmortem reports be given. Furthermore, they called for a transparent investigation into the incident to be launched. Members of the National Assembly and Patron-in-Chief of the Pakistan-Hindu Council, Dr. Ramesh Kumar, said that the Indian government’s claims of being a secular power is ungrounded as it murdered 11 Pakistani Hindus. He further added that we want justice for those killed in India. In a meeting with Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that the protection of minorities is the top priority of the government and that the country is deeply grieved over the killing of the Pakistani Hindu family in India.

This is not an uncommon occurrence in India as minorities like Muslims and Christians, including Dalits, are regularly targeted on one pretext or the other. RSS leader, Rajeshwar Singh, went on the record to say, “Muslims and Christians will be wiped out by the December 31, 2021”. The notorious Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, said that those Muslims who chose to stay in India after the partition did the country no favour. It was during the election campaign that Modi even promised that he would get the National Registration of Citizen implement in Assam to deal with the immigrants from Bangladesh. After coming into power, the BJP-RSS government introduced the Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB) according to which Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist, Jains, Parsis and Christians who have entered India illegally can now apply for citizenship if they can prove they came from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The Pakistani Hindus rejected the bill being against humanity and Santana Dharma (according to beliefs of Hinduism).

The Pakistan Hindu Council unanimously rejected the bill which is tantamount to dividing on communal lines. The CAB targets the Muslims of India as they are now requires to prove that they were original residents of India and not refugees. This is what is happening in the so called largest democracy of the world. The Prime Minister of Pakistan often draws the world’s attention towards the atrocities unleashed by this fascist regime on the minorities, especially Muslims in India and Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). The Pakistani Hindus who migrated to India, searching for a new beginning, are to return to Pakistan highly disappointed. Over the years, some groups of Hindus who migrated to India on long-term visas have returned back to Pakistan as well. According to them, it was not the Hindu paradise as was promised by Modi.

According to the Arab News, a Hindu who returned from India said that what made matter worse was that he came from a family of Dalits who rank the lowest within Indian’s ancient religious hierarchy. He further added that they were hated for being Pakistanis and it was like a life in jail. In Pakistan, Hindus are playing their role in all walks of life with fervor and zeal. Rana Bhagwandas served as the Judge and acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Anil Dalpat and Danesh Kaneria, two cricket players, played for Pakistan as well. Rahul Dev is the first Hindu from Tharparkar who has joined the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) as a general duty pilot officer. Two Hindu soldiers, Ashok Kumar and Lal Chand Rabari, laid their lives while serving in the Pakistan army. There are even large numbers of Hindu doctors serving in the Pakistan army as well. The Prime Minister Imran Khan went on the record and said, “I want to warn our people that any one targeting our non-Muslims or their places of worship will be dealt with strictly. Our minorities are equal citizens of this country”. The unfortunate part of the incident is that the Indian government has not cooperated with Pakistan and has not shared the necessary details regarding the circumstances of their death. The Indian government is trying to cover up the issue by putting the blame on the family member instead. In order to satisfy the grieved family, India must provide access to the probe team from Pakistan so that they can get the details of tragic killings.