The emergence of Pakistan is due to the untiring efforts of our leaders. They gave their services and laid down their everything in the struggle, even lives. Liaquat Ali Khan is also one of them, who worked very hard, after the emergence of Pakistan, to strengthen the newly independent country in its initial days. He bombastically served as the first Prime Minister of the newly-born country and on October 16, 1951, an enemy martyred him. It was Liaquat Ali Khan who, at his last breath, prayed ´Allah Pakistan ki Hifazat Farmaee`. He is widely believed as an honest, sincere and loyal friend of our Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Thus all Pakistanis should tribute him on his 69th death anniversary at the national level. He deserves such huge respect. We all should offer him tribute wholeheartedly and have fateha be recited for him.