The US president has refused to concede to Joe Biden, projected the winner by the media after the 3 November elections, with the Trump campaign insisting on vote recounts and filing lawsuits in battleground states, citing "irregularities" when large amounts of votes for Biden emerged in several key areas towards the end of the counting process.

US President Donald Trump has said he won the 2020 election, also publishing a series of tweets, where he criticised "Radical Left-owned Dominion Voting Systems", and said that the US "cannot allow the Fake results of the 2020 Mail-In Election to stand". His fresh tweet has instantly been marked with a label that reads "Official sources called this election differently".

A day before, the president tweeted that Biden won "because the Election was Rigged", adding in a follow-up post that he "concedes nothing", as the Democratic contender only won "in the eyes of [the] fake news media".

The US president has repeatedly accused the Dominion Voting Systems Corporation of being responsible for its vote-tallying machine software erroneously “flipping” votes to Democrats. He also suggested that the "glitches" in voting machines reported at some polling stations on election day, was evidence of the Democrats trying to "steal" votes from him, as Trump continues to question the legality of vote counting in key battlefield states.

On Wednesday, Trump's team said it had launched a lawsuit alleging irregularities, incompetence, and unlawful vote counting in the state of Michigan. Vote recounts are expected in Wisconsin and Georgia, while authorities in Pennsylvania refused to launch the procedure, saying that the margin between the contenders is too large.

The vote count for the 3 November elections was expected to take additional time this year, as the coronavirus pandemic caused an unprecedented number of mail-in votes. On 7 November, major American TV networks declared Democratic candidate Joe Biden the winner of the presidential race, but the count still continues.