KARACHI - Three prisoners were killed and over a dozen injured as prisoners turned aggressive and resorted to rioting at District Malir Prison on Wednesday. The violence erupted when the prisoners stood up against the jail administration and the administration resorted to aerial firing, killed two prisoners including Gulab Khan and Abdul Hayee, also injuring a number of others. Sources said that Deputy Jail Superintendent Qamer Raza Zaidi and Chief Warden Hashmat were missing till filling of this report. The government money of around Rs 1 million present in the office of Raza Zaidi was also reportedly missing. According to a jail source, the clash ensued between the jail administration and newly arrived prisoners over the torture. Sources said it was mandatory for the newly arrived prisoners to pay money to the jail administration otherwise they had to suffer in Ward No 13 and Barrack No 1 known as Karantin. The source described that convicted prisoners work for the administration and are known as Patail. Patails usually collect the money from the prisoners and make their life miserable until the newly arrived prisoners bring money from home and give them. This happens in jails on daily basis, the sources said and added that prisoners who came here a couple of days ago started protest against this practice and jointly beat the Patails of the said wards. At this, Jail Superintendent Ali Raza Shah started operation and sent a number of prisoners in the solitary confinement after cruel torture on which rest of the prisoners came out of their barracks and clashed with the jail police personnel. Enraged prisoners destroyed the administration torture cells (Ward 13 and Barrack 1) and also set the jail record and other furniture on fire. The prisoners climbed up roof and torched an office block also. At this, the jail administration resorted to fire on the prisoners. Resultantly, number of prisoners sustained bullet injuries while some four including Tafseer Ahmed, Baqar Mazhar, Faisal Munir Msahi and Asghar Hussain were taken to the JPMC hospital where doctor said that all the four wounded prisoners were sustaining injures on their legs and they were not in critical condition. It has been learnt that prisoners took four policemen hostage after riots. According to sources, the rioting jail inmates also snatched guns from the policemen. The jail police have left the main jail area and cops are seen on the tower only while the prisoners are seen on the rooftops of the barracks from the outside the prison, eyewitnesses said and added that firing between the jail police and prisoners continued till late night while ambulances of Edhi, Chipa and KKF reached the jail to rescue the wounded prisoners. According to latest details, the prisoners have set ablaze a carpet factory inside the prison from which flames are rising high in the air. Smoke is seen rising in the air from different parts of the prison. After the incident, Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh Gull Muhammad Jakhrani, Inspector General Prison Yamin Khan, DIG Jail Mumtaz Burni and DIG South A D Kawaja and heavy contingents of Rangers and police reach the spot. Sindh Chief Minister took notice of the frequent violence in jails and also formed a committee under the supervision of Advisor Jail Gull Muhammad Jakhrani and Agah Taimor and asked them to report within 24 hours. IG Prison Yamin Khan while talking to the journalist on spot termed it a pre-planned conspiracy of the prisoners and said that prisoners wanted to break the jail but the situation is under control and only two cops wounded during the clash. He added that a prisoner Akram alias dacoit along with other prisoners hatched a conspiracy to break the jail while jail staff foiled the plane. However, number of families of the inmates gathered at the jail and chanted slogans against the jail administration.