The Marriott suicide attacks, widely being termed in the media as our very own "9/11", have wrecked carnage in the capital at a time when all the top military, political, and civil elite were gathered in the power corridors of the capital to mark the "historic" day. The day when after a gap of eight years a civilian president was addressing the joint session of the parliament. Whether the target, indeed, was the national assembly, as is being widely rumoured in the press, or a more "soft" place like the Marriott, the brutality of it all will go down as one of the darkest days in the history of our nation. How many innocents do we want to orphanise for a war that is being fought only to honour the "deals" and "guarantees" on which rests the very political survival of the two most important political leaders of the country. The "principled" Mr. Sharif for whom restoring one judge is more important than the basic security and safety of the ordinary citizens of this country and our President who has spent more time in jail than in government and is known to have wriggled out of a corruption trial pleading mental instability. The military operation in FATA is being done to fight the so-called global terrorism. Whereas in reality the global war on terrorism is actually nothing but a war on resources, which our leaders support due to their own personal motives. It is time we realized that by relying on our leadership, we would end up with a generation which is in constant fear and grip of terror, a generation that has and will keep on loosing their loved ones for a war that they do not relate to. The answer maybe lies in a revolution; we no doubt have all the ingredients for it: poverty, alienation, religious fervour and an incompetent government.-HANIAH SHOUKAT, LUMS, Lahore, via e-mail, October 15.