ISLAMABAD - Seeking unfair advantage of their social needs, the fake marriage bureaus are exploiting innocent masses in the name of connecting them to suitable matches, TheNation has learnt. Majority of marriage bureaus across the country reportedly uses unfair tactics to dole out maximum money from people, who are having matrimonial problems owing to financial and social constraints that are present in our society. People have complained that matchmakers give them ample assurances to find suitable matches for their candidates. However, several cases have been reported when matchmakers, after receiving a hefty amount of fees from the candidates, refused to offer their services. "First, they lure me to pay them heavy fees since they had promised to find excellent match for my daughter. Once they took money, it was like they refused to recognise me. That's so insulting", said Mrs Zafar who had paid Rs 5,000 to one such marriage house for a suitable match for her daughter. Facts revealed that matchmakers seek maximum profits from middle class families and overseas Pakistanis who come here to get their offspring married to Pakistanis. A lady operating in Islamabad, charges around Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 for local matches, Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 for inter-city matches, while Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 for the matches of overseas Pakistanis. "Mostly, either middle class or overseas Pakistanis contact marriage bureaus. These shrewd matchmakers exploit such people to the hilt," lamented another victim of  matchmaker. Adil Zaman, a 42-year-old engineer who came to Pakistan last year after his 20-year stay in Australia told this scribe that he had advertised in a local newspaper for a suitable match for him. Soon after the publication of the particular add, several marriage bureaus contacted him to offer their services, he remarked. One of the officials of a marriage bureau told me that they offer matches of females who are as beautiful as any 'princess of a fairy tale', he maintained adding  "I was so fascinated with the idea that I paid as much money as they demanded. They deprived me of Rs 20,000 but my 'princess' was never found", he lamented. Besides fleecing the customers, some marriage bureaus are accused of carrying out flesh trade under the garb of matchmaking. Details revealed that few matchmakers in G-9, G-10, G-11, F-10 and F-11 sectors are allegedly involved in running brothels in the name of matrimonial services. The residents of the G-9 sector alleged that an infamous lady, who operates in their area in the disguise of a matchmaker, arranges private meetings between girls and boys even without any contact at family level. Likewise, details further revealed that an alleged swindler in sector G-8 who introduces himself as a professor, is allegedly involved in illegal and immoral activities in the area under the cover of matchmaking. However, despite the presence of fake marriage houses and moneymakers in the disguise of matchmakers, the fact prevails that few matchmakers are real who not only provide suitable matches at reasonable fee but also offer their services for a noble cause. Some matchmakers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad offer social services free of cost and have connected countless families into matrimonial bliss. "This approach is commendable. Such institutions should be encouraged while fake ones should be taken to task by the law enforcement agencies", said a person in F-8 who offers matches without charging. People reported that absence of any proper mechanism where such marriage bureaus can be registered and no check on the part of government on such activities allows the fake marriage bureaus to conduct their activities freely while charging the people at their will besides harassing them. "Marriage is a sacred social contract which is being misused by some shrewd moneymakers. They must be brought to book by the law enforcement agencies to purge the society from this evil business", emphasised Riaz Hussain advocate while demanding outright crackdown against fake matchmakers.