We are provided with a wide variety of advice by innumerable experts everyday on how to deal with terrorism in our country. Most of it is usually useless. The other day, General (Retd) Nishat, suggested on a TV channel that Pakistan Army should train itself to fight guerrilla warfare against the terrorists. I have two questions. Doesn't the Army train and equip itself to deal with every type of warfare, including the guerrilla one? Won't it be foolhardy to fight on terms of the terrorists? Superior firepower, high tech weaponry and superior communications equipment are advantages of a regular Army which if used properly on the ground and backed up with honest political resolve, may well do the job. No half measures can rid us of this scourge. Why can't we launch coordinated efforts with coalition forces sector wise. Those who say that this would compromise our sovereignty forget that it has been already challenged by the terrorists. A handful of political elements that oppose such measures should be considered suspect and treated accordingly. Majority of national and the entire world opinion favours such action. -KHURAM KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, September 30.