LAHORE - Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that the country cannot progress and become prosperous without having independent judiciary. Addressing the lawyers at Lahore High Court Bar Association on Wednesday, he said the independence of judiciary was impossible without restoration of sacked Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, adding that PTI would continue supporting lawyers' movement till its logic end. He said it was the motto of the PTI to struggle for independence of judiciary and it had raised voice against the suspension of the chief justice from day one. He said even the poor countries were making progress by leaps and bounds only because of setting up strong judicial system. He made it clear that lawyers were striving hard to strengthen judicial set up and the survival of the country lies in the success of the lawyers' movement. He said he had not accepted Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar and President Zardari whom Dogar administered oath. He said National Reconciliation Ordinance was a black law which was promulgated to favour Zardari. He said its promulgation was a black chapter in the country's history. He said the government was fighting American war in its tribal areas but the government was not accepting this fact and harping the tune of that "it was the Pakistan's own war". He said if it was not the case, why the government was getting financial aid from the US to wage the war against the countrymen. He said the public gave its verdict against ouster of Musharraf in February 18 election. He said all the policies of the present government were in consonance with the policies of the previous government. He said the tribal people always backed Pakistan in every difficult situation but the government was victimising them under the garb of war against terrorism. Imran said this could never be a success and ultimately Pakistan would suffer.