Israeli troops shot dead a young Palestinian early Thursday as he was preparing to throw a molotov cocktail at Israeli soldiers in the West Bank village of Kufr Malik. The Israeli military said he was one of three men an army patrol spotted carrying firebombs under cover of darkness and he was shot when he ignored warning fire. The other two escaped. Palestinian medics named the dead man as Aziz Yousef, 20, and said his body was handed over by Israeli officials before dawn. During the night another alleged firebomber died in a Ramallah hospital after being shot Wednesday during what the military said was a mob attack on an army position in nearby Jelazoun refugee camp. Hospital staff named him as Mohammed Ramahi, 21. The military said he was shot with a blazing firebomb in his hand as he prepared to lob it at troops. Violence erupted in the camp after the funeral of a teenage resident shot dead Tuesday as he too was preparing to carry out a firebomb attack, near a Jewish settlement, the army said. Citing a recent wave of molotov attacks in the area between Jerusalem and Ramallah the army has been stepping up efforts to stop them, including laying nighttime ambushes near potential targets.