As students of social sciences in SZABIST, our instructor Ms Rashida Valika recently gave us an opportunity to conduct fieldwork on child labour in our society. Working children have been a distinct social underclass that has stayed neglected by the world for a long time. These children pose a complex social challenge. In majority of cases, street children are first and foremost the victims of poverty and are then stricken by other factors closely associated with it. These children are at high risk for a myriad physical and psychological abuse as a result of both their circumstance of being homeless and life on the streets. Estimates indicate that millions of children are living on the streets at present and their number is rapidly rising. This issue was recognized and brought into focus by singer Shahzad Roy. His Zindagi Trust was founded to work in this sector so that deprived children living in the streets are provided subsistence and education. Zindagi Trust is a non-governmental organization working in education sector for the past five years. I, being a member of students' mentor group have had the opportunity to teach in I-am-paid-to-learn school of Zindagi Trust in Sultanabad. The students are all working children. They work in the morning and study in the afternoon from 1:00 PM-5: 30 PM. Some of them are rag pickers, some do menial jobs in teashops while most girl are involved in jobs like knitting, weaving and cleaning. Students after earning their living come to school and clean the premises themselves, arrange their tables and chairs, and sit decently until their teacher comes. They get Rs 10 every day for coming to school to build a future for themselves. They are provided with school uniforms, stationary and books. -KIRAN LALANI, Karachi, via e-mail, September 30.