LAHORE - The equity market remained flat on Wednesday as well and no change was seen in its index, as investors took no interest in day trading, adopting wait and see policy. The benchmark KSE 100-index closed at 9,184 points without gaining or losing a single point. While the total volume further plunged to an all-time low to 0.49m shares. Likewise, the KSE-30 and KMI-30 indices again remained unaffected. Dealers said that the Board of directors of the KSE has decided to remove the floor from Oct 27 with the normal trading parameters. Moreover, some other measures relating to CFS MK-II has also been decided with immediate effect. Dealers said that in this scenario the foreigners will start the sell-off on unfreezing. They said that stability of rupee and easing up of liquidity in local circuit could change the mind set of local investors, which would reduce the likely pressure. They maintained that if the slide of the local currency continues it would surely flare up the sell off. Hasnain Asghar Ali, from Aziz Fida Husain was of the view that readdressing the policies was need of the hour in order to reduce intensity of the negative developments on economic and law and order issues He urged the govt that positive developments should be fully prevailed to reduce the sense of negativity in the domestic circuit. He further said that availability of the funds in leverage tool for regular market is essential to support the accumulation. Dealers said that inability of the authorities to check the fresh round of pressure on Rupee has sidelined the measures taken and promised by the Finance ministry, SECP and BOD of KSE the measures. They said that the major relief came after the unreleased CFS deals as on Oct 09 were reinstated and the working days period of unreleased period was extended to a total of 44 days. According to reports, the floor mechanism set on share prices will be removed from October 27, 2008 and normal trading parameters of 5% upper and lower circuit breakers will be imposed from the said day onwards. The maturity of all outstanding CFS Mk-II contracts has also been extended by 22 working days to 44 days existing on the close of business on October 09. Dealers said that investors would remain on sidelines until all relevant issues are addressed. Reports also revealed that in the last trading session crude oil price (WTI) continued its declining trend as it fell by $2.6 per barrel to close at $78.6 per barrel. This decline is attributing to slide of stocks mainly at the international markets and to some extent in the country.