LAHORE - The Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) is relying on mere guesswork to charge its power consumers after the implementation of "ToU Tariff" in early Sept, in the absence of any proper equipment or metre, which could calculate the exact duration of power consumption in day or evening timings, The Nation learnt on Wednesday.   Sources in the Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) told The Nation that the company has a planning to install special meters named as "Time of Use Metres" or "ToU Metres" to determine the exact time period of power use. But when these new metres will be installed no one knows about this. Besides, the new meters equipped with devices to differentiate between day and night will cost too much to PEPCO already facing financial constraints. However, it is clear that govt will continue to levy the new tariff on power bills, without any authentic device, by applying just average formula until new time specific metres are installed, official sources said. This is another long story that as to how could govt manage to replace all conventional metres, having no quality of differentiating day or peak hours consumption, in the country. According to rough estimate there are around 3800,000 Wapda consumers in just Lesco region and countrywide figure may be estimated at least 40 million. Question arises as to how govt will arrange metres in massive demands and how much time it will take to install these new metres. Perhaps, may be months or even years but up till then the consumers will be continued to be charged indiscriminately. The Nation tried fully to contact the Pakistan Electric Power Company spokesperson to get his viewpoint in this regard but was not available with his cell switched off. It noteworthy here that Pepco officials had confirmed The Nation a day earlier that govt had introduced a new tariff with the name of 'Time of Use' tariff in Sept which was being implemented from the 5th of last month on the justification that by applying this formula the customers would use less power. In view of discouraging the vast consumption of electricity amidst its record shortfall of over 4,500 megawatt the govt had made this policy, according to which consumers would have to pay extra charges up to 50 per cent for using electricity in the peak hours (evening time). Presently, consumers using electricity in day hours are being charged Rs 7 for using per unit electricity in the morning, but now they are being forced to pay Rs 12 to 15 to consume electricity in the evening. Govt did not make any announcement formally in this regard to pay up to 50 per cent additional bill. Under the 'Use of Time Tariff', the government has also withdrawn the facility provided to the consumers for using less electricity. Earlier, consumers paid less on less consumption and tariff increased with more consumption of electricity. Now, a consumer of one unit or a consumer of one thousand units would have to pay equally on consumed units.