ISLAMABAD (APP) - The federal government has planned to form a special security force for safeguarding the planned Green Zone and walled area in the federal capital. The special force will be formed on the pattern of elite force and would be well trained and well equipped to protect the existing Red-Zone where number of important buildings are located, sources said. The force would be formed once the Green Zone project is materialised by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). The CDA has prepared the design of the planned Green Zone, however, the PC-I of the project is being prepared. The zone will also feature scanners, cameras, and other electronic detectors and gadgets, to scan all vehicles and people, they said adding the government is currently in process of purchasing gadgets. Currently, Islamabad Police, Rangers and FC personnel have been deployed for protecting of Red Zone area and only relevant persons and vehicles are allowed in the area. The sources said in view of the current law and order situation the Ministry of Interior has submitted a plan with the Planning Commission and Finance Division regarding the recruitment of 10,000 personnel in Islamabad Police. The decision of enhancing the strength of police has been made after the observation that country's law enforcing agencies and civil armed forces are performing their jobs under very adverse circumstances, they said. In addition to this as many as 15,000 personnel in Frontier Constabulary would be also recruited and a summary in this regard would soon be forwarded to Planning Commission and Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Interior has also sought more financial support for immediate capacity building of its other attached departments like Federal Investigation Agency, they said.