On International Day of Democracy, an event was held in Islamabad in which eminent Professor Pervaiz Hoodbhoy of Quaid-i-Azam University delivered a controversial lecture attacking the Two-Nations theory. The lecture was titled "Does Pakistan need a new vision?" Earlier, when a number of other rebellious scholars and so-called intellectuals of this ilk had tried to attack the ideology that is the basis of Pakistan, they were rebutted by Dr Sarfraz Hussain Mirza in his article titled 'A rebuttal' (October 09). Dr Mirza's rebuttal truly represented sentiments of the Pakistani nation and made mincemeat of Prof Hoodbhoy's arguments. I personally congratulate Professor Sarfraz on this conscientious effort. He has treated the wrongheaded views of the so-called 'dissenting intellectuals' like Pervaiz Hoodbhoy and Shahid Javed Burki with deserved disdain. They always try to misguide the literate people of our country. -HIRA BUKHARI, Lahore, via-e-mail. October 11.