This refers to a news item in your daily saying the curfew has been lifted in Swat (29 Sep, 2008.). I remember how peaceful the district of Swat was before the army action started in October 2007. Yes, a man called Maulana Fazlullah used to deliver inflammatory speeches through FM radio from a village called Main Dheri. But nobody paid attention. No casualty had ever taken place, no shop, no school, no bridge had ever been gutted. It was after the army action that Fazlullah associated himself with Tehrik-e-Taliban and the district of Swat became a battlefield in a proxy war. The army action has only escalated tension, it has served no other purpose at all. Yearlong curfews have been the only by-product of this army action. People firmly believe that there would have been no tension if army action had not been taken action in Waziristan in 2003-4. It was like killing a fly with a canon. -BASHIR HUSSAIN AZAD, Chitral, via e-mail, September 30.