Hats off to the Chilean Government which successfully completed a seemingly impossible mission of bringing to the surface 33 miners who were trapped in a copper mine 2,200 meters underground due to a land slide. The flawless rescue operation brought Chile, a small country situated in a remote corner of the world, a great respect. Its President Mr Sebastian Pinera has become a role model for others, who on knowing that the miners were alive, promised to his nation that he will not leave for a trip to Europe until and unless all miners are brought to the surface by October 15,2010. The entire world saw that his mission was completed by October 13,2010. On the other hand, unfortunately, our President left for Europe leaving behind 20% of the country under water and 20 million people marooned by the Super Flood that hit Pakistan recently, which attracted lot of criticism throughout the country. Pakistani leaders should learn a lesson from Chilean President. K. H. ZAHIDI, Lahore, October 14.