LAHORE (PPI) - Since the inception of Makro in 2005, the number of customers has been growing at their retail outlets and the significant amount of taxes are safely paid to the revenue collection authorities. The number of increased Makro stores shows the growing popularity of the multinational chain of stores among the masses, which not only introduced a new shopping culture in the country but ensures the availability of good quality products at reasonable rates. Makro has also introduced its own brands of electronics, stationery, beverages and kitchen items. Catering the large population of the country, Makro is committed to open more stores in different cities. Therefore, foreign and local investment will be landed in the country and the generation of taxes will be posting healthy growth in future. The chain of stores has gained fame of masses as it ensures supply of good products as per demand of the large number of customers. Hence, about 47 per cent of Makros clients are end-consumers. Makro makes sure the availability of sugar at its retail stores in the days of its crisis without any hike. It maintains sugar sales at Rs 61 per kg although it is being sold at more than Rs 80 per kg in local market and likely to increase more if the crisis severed. The multinational chain of stores is playing a vital role in documentation of the economy, contributing immensely to the countrys revenue with the assurance of price control mechanism at their retail outlets. The stores pay worth billion rupee taxes to government in transparent way, which the tax authorities fail to collect from hundred of thousands of shops at local wholesale and retail markets in the country. Governments revenues on the account of General Sales Tax (GST) have on the rise since its inception with the increase of sales at the outlets of multinational stores attracting thousands of commercial and domestic customers towards hassle-free super stores, the shopping outlets for all essential goods sell items under one roof at discounted rates. The food items include oil cake and other residues, uncooked poultry meat, milk, flavored milk, cream, milk and cream concentrated, yogurt, whey, butter, desi ghee, cheese, processed cheese, sausage and similar products of poultry meat or meat offal, frozen or preserved meat offal including poultry and fish. It has sold out huge stock of sugar having quantity of 440 ton since August in Karachi and Lahore. The government should facilitate the multinational chain of stores from its policies so that foreign and local investors are encouraged to be the part of retail business, which will accelerate the documentation of economy and helpful to curb price-hike and crises of the commodities. The Qatari delegation comprised Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Bin Thani Al Thani, Chairman Pak Qatar Takaful Group, Sheikh Khalid Bin Thani Al Thani, Sayyar Al Maawdah, Ambassador of Qatar, Hamad Al Hanzab, Ex. Ambassador of Qatar and Abdul Basset Al Sheeby, CEO Qatar International Islamic Bank.