ISLAMABAD - All Pakistan CNG Association has opposed the Governments Gas Load Management Plan for winter season 2010 under which gas supply would be halted for industries and CNG sector in order to provide gas to the domestic sector. We strongly condemn the new Gas Load Management Plan of the Government, as this would affect the common people of the country, said Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, Chairman All Pakistan CNG Association. He further added that they did not accept this plan of the Government. Under the new plan, gas would not be supplied to the industries for two days a week, while for CNG sector it would be halted for one day a week. The Government prepared a plan to provide non-stop gas supply to the domestic consumers. The plan would remain effective from November 2010 to February 2011. Gas loadshedding will affect 30 million citizens in the country, while transportation fares will also go up, Paracha said. Besides sufferings of the common people, the gad loadshedding would lead to increase the demand of petrol, which could increase the imports of the country that is already on the higher side.