KARACHI - Sindh Democratic Forum (SDF) in its meeting held on Friday reviewed the current political situation of the country in general and of Sindh in particular and was of the opinion that the Governance in the country as well as in the province needed to be improved as it is going down wards day by day. The peoples problems should be addressed to pull them out of the poverty and other agonies which they are facing. The members of the forum advised the Government of Pakistan to get rid of the bureaucrats and the politicians who are involved under NRO and have brought bad name to the Government and get the grave stains on them removed. The Government should bring the honest and hard working professionals in their rows so that the issues and problems of the country could be addressed well. The meeting further was of the view that the jobs in the Government be given on equity basis and as per fixed quota as Sindhi people are facing great in justices in the present appointments and jobs. The members in the meeting also took exception of the worsening situation and the conditions of the Flood Affected People who are still lying in the camps in highly deplorable conditions and the arrangements of their going back to their native places and discharging the water from the major cities and hundreds of villages have not been taken and they are still under water where number of diseases have started taking place. All arrangements for their rehabilitations must be fully ensured and the Federal Government must come to the rescue of the Provincial Government. It must be remembered that Sindh is the worst hit province in the Flood in whole of Pakistan. The solutions of these problems are not even seen to be near. In this regard, SDF has demanded from the Govt of Sindh to provide twenty percent of jobs to the Flood Affected People in both, the public and private sector so that displaced persons could easily earn their livelihood as they have lost everything back home. The jobs must be ensured in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Mirpurkhas, Larkana and all other big towns. To this effect, SDF has already submitted an application to Government of Sindh for passing a resolution by the Assembly of Sindh for ear marking twenty percent jobs as said above during the financial year 2010/2011. The forum has further decided to hold the stakeholders conference on Sindh Floods: issues, problems and their solutions on 16th October 2010 at Karachi. The SDF also expressed the grave concern on the recreation of a dead issue of Kala Bagh Dam by the Punjab Assembly though every body knows that it has been rejected by the people, Assemblies and the experts of all the smaller provinces time and again. The technical committee of Mr. A N G Abbasi appointed by the then Musharaf Government also rejected the Dam. The forum has advised the Punjabi brothers not to raise this issue which might harm the harmony of the country. The forum has asked the Federal Government to adopt Mr. Abbasis report on water in Pakistan and no further cut on Indus any more. The meeting was presided over by its convener, Professor Aijaz Ahmed Qureshi & attended by Muhammad Ibraheem Joyo, Mohammad Aslam Baloch, Nazeer Memon, Dost Muhammad Baloch, Qazi Abdul Majeed, Zulfiqar Halepoto, and others.