PUNJAB Governor Salman Taseer has once again made a statement in favour of the Kalabagh Dam, and it is significant that he made the arguments normally made by supporters of the Dam, but not by members of the PPP, his party. The PPP, dominated by its Sindhi leadership, ignores what Governor Taseer has clearly realised, that the Kalabagh Dam does not cause any harm, and confers many advantages, not the least that its existence would have lessened the impact of the recent monsoon floods, the worst in the countrys history. And, as he told the newly-elected office bearers of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry when they called on him at Governors House on Thursday, the Dam will not lead to the flooding of Nowshera as is claimed by opponents. Governor Taseer said that his statements had caused him to be treated as if he was guilty of having committed desecration upon some sacred book. This attempt by Governor Taseer to attempt to change the opinion within his party is creditable, and contrasts with the wishy-washy attitudes prevailing in the party, which seems to have spread to the federal government which has taken no steps to build the consensus the PPP says is needed before the Dam can be built. The result of his making such statements, as he has been doing for some time, should not be continued obduracy by Dam opponents within his party. As he said, there is needed a Pakistani thinking on the subject, not provincial. While Governor Taseer continues to try and convince the PPP of the reality staring it in the face, the Sharif brothers should come forward with a public statement about the Kalabagh Dam, so that the countrys major parties could have made statements on the record about this extremely beneficial project, made controversial only by vested interests who have made this an integral component of their politics. Also, statements by the brothers, one of whom is Quaid of the PML(N) and the other Punjab Chief Minister, would go a long way to reducing the solitariness of Governor Taseer. He should not be left alone in this national cause.