ISLAMABAD The lawyers on Friday held a rally at the Constitution Avenue in support of the judiciary warning the govt to restrain from any adventurism against the incumbent independent judiciary. Hundreds of lawyers who witnessed the Supreme Court proceedings in a case pertaining to the governments alleged move to withdraw the executive order through which the superior courts judges were restored on March 16, 2009, gathered outside the Supreme Court building, from where they marched at the Constitution Avenue to express solidarity with the judiciary. The lawyers chanted slogans against what they said the governments anti-judicial moves and in favour of the judiciary. The lawyers demanded of the government to implement the courts verdicts instead of adopting the way of confrontation with the independent judiciary for hiding the corrupt practices. The lawyers also chanted slogans against Ali Ahmad Kurd, SCBAs former president and lawyers firebrand leader in the movement for the restoration of deposed judiciary, after he told media persons that the Supreme Court judges should not have assembled on Thursday night on the rumours regarding the governments move to withdraw the executive order through which the deposed judges were restored. The lawyers asked Kurd to withdraw his statement. However, Kurd said it was his principled stand, thus he would not withdraw it. Addressing the rally, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Qazi Anwar said that the rulers were gauging the patience of judiciary as well as masses for the last 19 months by not implementing the courts verdicts. He said that the lawyers from Karachi to Khyber were united on the issue of independence of judiciary. He also said that the present judiciary, which was independent, was restored after great sacrifices rendered by the lawyers. He said that the lawyers would not allow any step contrary to the independence of judiciary. He said that the government instead of taking steps for the eradication of corruption and welfare of masses was bent upon agitating against the judiciary, which was not in the interest of institutions as well as the whole country.