ISLAMABAD Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has taken strong notice of the news regarding highhandedness of Islamabad Police with the backing of US Embassy and liquor mafia against an honest cop. The news item was published in Daily TheNation on Friday. According to details, the US Embassy, in collusion with a top official of Islamabad Police, liquor mafia and a section of press, was all set to victimise Liaquat Ali Malik, an SP of Islamabad Police only because the brave officer had dared to make the American diplomats follow Pakistani laws in January 2010. Fake cases of liquor selling were registered against Liaquat and he was 'thrown to Balochistan by the corrupt high-ups of Islamabad Police. TheNation broke the story to represent actual facts on Friday. Just when Islamabad Police was to replace Liaquat, Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik intervened and cancelled the notification of Liaquats transfer to Balochistan. Back in January 2010, Liaquat Ali Malik had intercepted a suspicious vehicle of US Embassy carrying fake documents. Liaquats men had asked the vehicle to stop at Golra police picket, where he was performing duties as ASP then. The vehicle sped away, but ASP Liaquat Ali Malik chased the US Embassys vehicle, intercepted it, asked the Americans to produce original documents and return back to police picket. The US diplomats had to apologise to the police personnel at Golra police picket and fulfil legal requirements to get 'rid of the honest police officer. After that event, a high level meeting at US Embassy had taken place in which a top American Diplomat had reiterated that such Pakistani officials who were standing in way of the Embassys highhandedness must be given a lesson. The malicious vilification campaign against Liaquat is part of the US Embassys revenge. A top official of Islamabad Police who takes dictation from Uncle Sam, a press section, and liquor mafia are all united for this evil cause. Well-informed sources said that allegations raised against cop were nominal in nature and most allegations have been proven biased. Despite manipulated and fragile report, the troika made cop a target for their vested interests