LAHORE - Legal experts have said that the NAB cases against former premier Nawaz Sharif, which were already decided, cannot be reopened on the behest of PPP government. Politically, the demand for reopening the cases carries weight and in current scenario the ruling party badly needs something to counter the Opposition which is all out to support the judiciary and get its decisions, particularly on NRO, implemented in letter and spirit. The demand from PPP Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab for reinvestigating as many as 20 references against Nawaz Sharif is unacceptable according to law, as the cases once decided on merit cannot be reopened. However, an order by the court to this effect is an exception, commented the jurists. Former advocate general Punjab Ashtar Ausaf and senior advocate Shahzad Shaukat among others have the same view that NAB cannot resume the decided cases against Nawaz Sharif on its own. However, the situation would be different if Sharif is the beneficiary of NRO and his cases resumed in the wake of NRO nullification but he did not face any such situation. Ausaf questioned that which thing impeded the government, in past, to inquire into any pending cases against Nawaz Sharif. Muhammad Azhar Siddique advocate said: The PPP governments statement for reopening cases against Nawaz Sharif is more a political document and a threat than anything else. The present situation has become tougher for the government after it appointed a PPP stalwart Justice (r) Deedar Hussain Shah as chairman NAB, which has sparked another serious controversy at the political level besides putting the same as an issue before the superior judiciary. The PML-N is in the fore opposing the appointment of Justice Deeder, after the Opposition leader Ch Nisar had twice rejected the name of Justice Deedar as chairman NAB. He recalled that Deedar Hussain had been twice elected as MPA on PPP ticket and did not fulfil the merit required for chairman NAB. The SC had directed the government to also write to the Swiss courts for reopening high profile cases against President Asif Ali Zardari, on which the government is showing reluctance. On the other hand, PML-N is exerting pressure on the government to implement the SC decision, and the situation is growing tougher against the PPP government with the passage of time. The picture has become so dismal for the PPP government that rumours are abuzz at the public level of an imminent political change, the fear of which now can be seen on the PPP members faces. Tracing back the facts of history, one finds the tenure of Benazir Bhutto (1993-96) as when the Sharifs were grilled badly in cases of plots allotment, bank loans and distribution of family assets. These all cases were settled before the court except the references which were related to private concerns of the Sharifs and were adjourned sine die in view of departure of the Sharifs to Saudi Arabia on December 10, 2000, during the Musharraf regime. At that time Nawaz Sharif was convicted in plane hijacking cases and others including illegal purchase of a chopper. His sentence in both the cases was pardoned by a duly elected President of Pakistan Rafiq Tarar in terms of the Constitution. And plane-hijacking case was quashed by the Supreme Court in 2009 when it also declared Musharraf coup of October 12, 1999 as unconstitutional. During his debt retirement drive in 1998, the Sharif family voluntarily handed over its four steel mills to the banks to pay back their loans allegedly owed to them through the means of court. This was the gesture demonstrating a national spirit to inspire others to pay back their loans to the banks. The steel units of the Sharif family are still owned by the banks. At present Nawaz Sharif in not a convict in any case and if the government goes to reopen cases against him, the exercise would be opened to judicial review. However, if any fresh complaint is lodged by any bank or other side against Nawaz Sharif, it would also be subjected to judicial scrutiny before its prosecution, they added.