AS if the destruction caused by the Americans in FATA was not enough, the US now plans to extend the war formally into Balochistan. The Americans have long been clamouring about the Quetta Shura creating a false hype about the province as yet another alleged militants safe haven, despite knowing very well that the problem existing there concerns the centre-province dispute over the sharing of resources. We know that at least on the face of it, the American demands of launching an aerial warfare in Balochistan alongside the tribal areas have been rebuffed by the government so far. Given the prevailing political situation with the sense of marginalisation increasing by the hour, drone attacks would literally prove to be the last nail in the coffin of the federation. However, we have also been witness to the degrading manner in which our rulers have invariably bowed before the US dictation and, seen in that perspective, the meeting of the NATO and ISAF officials with Corp Commander Lt General Javed Zia and Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani appears to be unnerving. There is no doubt that the Obama Administrations desire to take the war formally into Balochistan is part of the sinister US designs of destabilising Pakistan and finally taking control of its nuclear arsenal on the ground that they were no longer in safe hands. Statements to the effect that the cancer is in Pakistan and that the country is the epicentre of terrorism are now frequently heard coming out from the White House and the Pentagon. Precisely for the same reason, the Americans are demanding the army launch an offensive in North Waziristan, which so far General Kayani has been bravely brushing aside. Having said that, at the end of the day, it is anyones guess how long the ruling dispensation can actually resist the American demands. It goes without saying that the Americans literally want to turn us into puppets. Hillary Clintons latest statement about how we should reform our tax system shows how the US wants to control every sphere of life in Pakistan. However, the pity is that now the Canadians have also begun to treat Pakistan as an errand boy. After the Canadians were kicked out of UAE, Pakistan is now being asked to provide it with military bases meant as a conduit for military supplies to Canadian forces stationed in Afghanistan. Under no circumstances should such permission be given. Not only their presence would pose a threat to our national security, but also the rank arrogance of the Canadians, manifested for instance by their insulting and highly discriminating visa policy towards Pakistanis, would generate a backlash in the country.