ISLAMABAD Pakistan said on Friday that it was surprised and perturbed over the decision of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee to award the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 to Liu Xiaobo. This decision runs contrary to the established principles for awarding the Prize and, therefore, cannot but be seen to be detracting from the prestige associated with this award, Foreign Office said on Saturday. Reacting to the decision of awarding a Chinese criminal, Liu Xiaobo, with Nobel Prize, Pakistan has said the decision was not only surprising but it was also an attempt to make fun of the 'Nobel Prize. Liu Xiaobo had been sentenced by the Chinese judicial system and has done nothing that could possibly qualify him for the Nobel Peace Prize, the Foreign Office said on Friday. It stated that politicisation of the Nobel Peace Prize, for the purposes of interference in the domestic affairs of States, is not only contrary to the recognised principles of inter-State conduct but also a negation of the underlying spirit conceived by the founder of the Prize. Pakistan deeply values the implementation of the commitments that the Peoples Republic of China has made to upholding the principles and norms of international law, humanity and civilised conduct, the Foreign Office said adding that China had made bold strides on the road to socio-economic development. Pakistan has no doubt that under its sagacious and visionary leadership, the Chinese people will continue to pursue their national development priorities which have brought about substantial improvement in the standard of living and the human rights of 1.3 billion people.