KARACHI - The troika of coalition in Sindh will be on collision course in the by-election of PS-94 to be held on October 17. The by-election is being held after the assassination of MQM lawmaker Syed Raza Haider, who was elected from this constituency comprising areas of Orangi during Feb 18, 2008 general elections. He had secured 79,634 votes out of total 130,826, votes to emerge victorious. The seat has always remained with one of the coalition partners of MQM since 1988. Five candidates are in the run for the PS-94 in this by-election. The MQM has fielded Saifuddin Khalid while the ANP has nominated Riaz Gul for the seat. The other three candidates include Abdul Haq, Masood Alam, and Zeenat Yasmin, who are all independent candidates. Khalid has a decades-old association with the MQM and currently he is associated with the partys organising committee. The ANP candidate, Gul, is a senior member of the party. Abdul Haq, one of the three independent candidates, was a former Orangi Town nazim belonging to Haq Parast Group. The constituency has always been considered as an MQM stronghold. The majority voters of the constituency are Urdu-speaking people. However, a good number of people living in PS-94 are not conventionally considered as MQM voters. PS-94, which starts from Orangi Town Sector 5 and stretches to Sector 11 and Sector 11-E, houses a blend of communities. In Sector 5, Urdu Chowk is almost 100 per cent Urdu-speaking neighbourhood, but people of different ethnicities are also living in parallel localities of Mominabad and Faqeer Colony. Along with Pashto-speaking people, a large number of people from Southern Punjab have settled in the low-income neighbourhood for the last several years. Parts of Sector 11 and Sector 11-E mainly comprise Urdu-speaking people, including a large number of those who had migrated to Pakistan in 1971 after the East Pakistan debacle. In the 2008 general election, ANP had bagged only 959 votes. The PPP, however, has decided to stay way from this by-election and has decided not to support any candidate or political group. The violence that was triggered after the assassination of MPA Raza Haider has totally paralysed Orangi Town and adjoining neighbourhoods like Qasba Colony. A number of communities based in the area emerged as groups after the violence and a few of them criticised their representatives for not rescuing them from the fallout of the violence. In the meantime, Sindh Home Department has requested deployment of army personnel during the by-election to avert any untoward situation. It has written a letter requesting army support in aid of civil administration on the occasion of by-election. However, the concerned army high-ups have reportedly asked the Sindh Home department to refer the matter to the ministry of Defence. Political analysts have observed that statements and counter-statements by the coalition partners against each other are ominous. They are of the opinion that the coalition was formed in Sindh so that administration is smooth and there is minimum tension among various political groups. However, the situation instead of improving is expected to plunge to a new low because of the by-elections in which every coalition partner has a stake. If law and order fails during the by-elections, it will be disastrous for running the civil administration and keep moving the economic activities, which have already suffered over the past three years because of various reasons including poor law and order in the metropolis.