LAHORE - All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has strongly opposed the proposed two-day gas loadshedding for industry, multiplying production cost when the European Union (EU) considering market access for Pakistan. In a letter to the Federal Minister Petroleum and Natural Resources Naveed Qamar, the Acting Chairman APTMA Shehzad Ali Khan said the gas curtailment to textile industry is unacceptable, as it would not only undermine the textile production but may also result into massive lay off. He said that government needs to show a political will to keep the textile industry wheel moving and protect thousands of textile workers from joblessness. He said each textile unit is run by on an average 500 workers and a closure may end up on social disorder. He apprehended that gas loadshedding for textile industry under the proposed Gas Load Management Programme 2010-11 would effect production and industrial workforce retrenchment leading to unemployment and unrest. Shehzad Ali Khan underlined that the textile industry would only be benefited from recent market access facility by the EU if it is provided with uninterrupted gas supply. He said the industry gas supply should be prioritised in a situation when the country is already passing through unprecedented energy crisis.