PESHAWAR (APP) - Chairman All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Mohsin Aziz has said that two weekly holidays would help reduce consumption of electricity, saying that the benefit of this should be passed on to the industry. In a statement issued on Saturday, he said it was a test case for the government to ensure that the offices work full time from 8 to 4 in letter and sprit as notified. He said that it was imperative that the banks and ports remained working so as not to create difficulties for export and imports. He said that no one had any sympathy with the defaulters in payment of the electricity bills and that the line losses was a matter of grave concern, but for these sins of the others, the law abiding and regular payers of the electricity bills should not be penalized. He said it was advisable to adopt a policy of carrot and stick by the government, making it conducive for the industry to run uninterruptedly and at the same time the defaulters, areas and sectors involved in mal practice, be taken to task. Mohsin Aziz also emphasized the need for reviewing the policies regarding IPPs and RPPs and to put such policies on rationale and workable basis. He said that the energy crisis in the country was to be dealt on war footing for the benefit of the consumers and in particular for the survival of industry in the country.