The Govt. is set upon building Bhasha dam to the exclusion of Kalabagh dam. This is a sure recipe for disaster. Even if and when the Bhasha dam is hopefully completed in another decade or so it would not add to any water or power as Tarbela and Mangla would have reduced their capacity of water storage by that time. The only mitigating factor would have been to start building the Kalabagh dam as a twin dam in tandem. The latter would be completed much earlier than Bhasha dam and it would give much relief in filling up the need of cheap power and water. The existing dependence on IPPs and RPPs that gulp imported oil is no solution to our problem of loadshedding as the cost of power would be unaffordable for people and agitations would become endemic. Wisdom ought to dawn on our rulers that Sindh is now floating on a lake by flood waters while wizards of Pakistan Peoples Party used to say that Sindh would become a desert if Kalabagh dam was built. If Kalabagh dam was there Sindh would have faced lesse devastation by rain water downstream. DR.MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, October 15.