Can Prime Minister Gilani save PIA? As we know, PIA flights leave much to be desired for not ensuring the safety of the passengers. Not for nothing were PIA flights banned from flying to Europe More recently, we have seen PIA flights being made to land before reaching destination as we saw one of them making emergency landing at Multan. Planes fly with risky maintenance. Birds which collide with the planes, especially at the Islamabad airport, are increasingly becoming a safety hazard for which the PIA blames the CAA but often PIA officials are deputed to CAA, so who takes the blame? PIAs international flights, particularly to Europe and from Europe to North America, have pleasant crews although this standard varies in domestic flights. The food sometimes lacks quality control and can be stale. Even the financial side and the profitability of the airline are worrisome and one wonders if the airline would crash in the not too distant future? Would it suffer the same fate as Pakistan Railways? The Prime Minister must take action to correct the state of affairs of this very much needed national flag carrier? PROFESSOR KHALID MAHMOOD, Karachi, October 15.