ISLAMABAD - The governments energy conservation plan seems to yield no fruitful results in the absence of provinces non-compliance and it can save not more than 100 megawatts electricity in the given circumstances. The sources said that last year in April energy summit was called and it was reported that due to two days holidays a week, the government could save up to 800 megawatts on Saturdays especially but this time the provinces are not complying at all so no significant results can be extracted out of it. The sources said that said difference was obtained mainly due to closure of government offices as private sector at that time did not change their timings and neither they applied two days off a week. The sources said that almost 700 megawatts are consumed by the government sector offices, whether provincial of federal. They further said that 800 megawatts difference was observed in the summer season when air conditioners are used as well so in winter it is not expected to save more than 500 megawatt by holiday on Saturday. It is pertinent to mention here that provinces, especially Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, have rejected the energy conservation plan of the government on the plea that country could not afford this at the moment. In Sindh and Balochistan the governments might get it implemented in coming days, the sources said, but it will be really beneficial when the private sector would also follow the government instructions and announce two days off a week as it is the right of the employees worldwide as well. The federal offices across the country remained closed on Saturday that also created mess in the absence of non-compliance by the provinces. It is also worth mentioning here that provincial employees have grievances on the issue that might change the situation in the coming time. But in the present situation not more than 100 megawatts can be saved that will show no difference in other five days. The sources said that the government is late in announcing the said plan and it could be little more useful in the summer season but in the winter it doesnt seem to make much difference. According to details given by the experts, the energy conservation plan is based on saving fuel and water by generating lesser energy on off days. For example the sources said that water releases are decreased or stopped on Saturday and Sunday and also fuel that is supposed to be consumed on Saturday otherwise is saved that is used in five working days to decrease energy shortfall. The experts said that saving 500 megawatts on Saturday would make no big difference as by dividing it on five working days it cannot decrease shortfall more than 100 megawatt a day while the country in different times faced thousands of megawatt shortfall and this year shortfall touched the figure of more than 8000 megawatts. But if the private sector joins this energy conservation plan then the government could save up to 2,000 megawatts. That makes some difference, the experts said, adding closure of markets with the sunset would also save energy in working days as well. It is also worth mentioning here that the businessmen of main hubs like Karachi Lahore and Faisalabad have rejected the plan of the government. They have a plea that they already have suffered a lot due to loadshedding. Manufacturers say that their orders are being delayed already and the government should immediately sort out some solution to this menace of loadshedding to save the industry.