LAHORE - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Saturday identified external pressure, poverty, ignorance and social injustices as the major problems of Pakistan, and said that their solution was possible, provided all people resolved never to compromise on national integrity. Ego (Iqbals concept of Khudi) is our pride and every hardship to safeguard it, is better than all luxuries, he observed, while addressing Presidential Iqbal Awards (national and international) distribution ceremony at Aiwan-e-Iqbal here. Gilani said today the country was faced with numerous challenges at national and international levels, and We direly need to enlighten ourselves with Iqbals philosophy, which could maintain us as an energetic and dynamic nation in the comity of nations. He said Pakistani nation was mature, sensitive and brave and it had always played its role in difficult circumstances. Gilani said Allama Iqbal had always focused on how to benefit humanity from the universal law of 'change. He said Pakistan would have been a developed nation had Iqbals ideas of 'Ijtehad (solving problems after consultation) and 'Divine Democracy been implemented in letter and spirit. Since Islam is for all ages and nations, and will remain in vogue till the Day of Judgement, it has the capability to absorb changes in human life and without the phenomenon, we cannot survive in the comity of nations, he said. The prime minister was of the view that continuous process of legislation could enable us to maintain our divine, ethical, civilisational, economic and political integrity. But the responsibility of legislation must be left with elected institutions of the state and it will automatically control the difference of opinion at individual level, he added. He said Pakistani nation, even today, sought guidance from the ideas and vision of Dr Allama Iqbal for its survival, advancement and improvement. The real and deep affiliation with Allama Iqbal has the strength to steer the nation out of all crises as Iqbals ideology encompasses all aspects of our thinking about the past and future, he remarked. We, being a nation, are very lucky as we have great leader and philosopher Dr Allama Iqbal, who is an institution and a multi-dimensional personality, and his writings and poetry acquaint us with the essence of life, he added. Gilani appreciated the role and effort of Iqbal Academy for the promotion of philosophy of Allama Iqbal. The PM announced another award, 'Nishan-e-Iqbal - Lifetime Achievement Award to be given by next year to a person for extraordinary performance in Iqbaliyat. He also announced two gold medals, 'Iqbal Gold Medal, to be given to top position-holder students of the Philosophy Departments of Government College University and the University of Punjab by next year. I want promotion of Iqbals poetry and philosophy at national and international level, he said and directed the IAP to celebrate 2012-13 as 'Year of Iqbal and also arrange programmes to highlight Iqbals teachings. Gilani also directed the IAP to make arrangements for the launch of 'Iqbal Fellowship under which research would be conducted by national and international experts on Iqbaliyat. The existing Iqbal Fellowship and Iqbal Chairs can also play a vital role in this regard, he said and directed the Cabinet Division to affiliate 'Iqbal Chairs, which it had taken over after the 18th Amendment, with IAP through the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination. The Prime Minister also announced Rs 50 million in grant for the Iqbal Academy of Pakistan.