KARACHI - Over 100 market associations and traders alliance of Karachi have slammed the government decision of closure of markets at 8pm and threatened to launch protest movement if the government did not reverse its decision. Opposing the government decision, Chairman of All Karachi Tajir Ittehad Atiq Mir termed it 'a recipe of disaster as national economy was already suffering due to energy crisis and poor law and order. He said that two weekly holidays would further aggravate the situation. Atiq Mir, in a statement, said that during last three and half years, poor government policies had pushed the national economy at the verge of collapse and now the two weekly holidays may prove last proverbial straw in the camel back. He said that instead of bailing out the economy through business friendly packages, the government was taking anti economic steps by declaring two weekly holidays in the name of energy conservation, which will prove disastrous. He said that business community will not accept any such anti-nation decisions of the government. He demanded of the government to reverse this 'unwise and unjustified decision. Karachi Traders Action Committee (KTAC chairman Siddiq Memon) informed that if such a decision was implemented then it would be very damaging for businesses. He said the economic condition of traders did not allow early closure of markets because traders were already facing problems in doing business and with this decision, problems would increase. He said that it was the wedding season and often people shop until late night. Late shopping helps our business to grow and our sales increases, he said, adding that now the decision of closing markets early would hamper sales. He informed that if the associations closed their businesses at 8pm they would lose around Rs 1.5 billion per day. He added that there was loadseeding of 4 to 6 hours in markets and bazaars on daily basis but despite informing the authorities about this no measure was being taken in this regard. He added that the shopkeepers used generators during power outages and lost thousand of rupees. KWAC Chairman Haji Ghulam criticized the decision of closure of banks on Saturday, saying that it creates miseries for the traders as they used to deposit weekly amount on Saturday. Marriage Halls Owners Association also expressed concern over the decision to close marriage halls at 10pm, and added that they were already closing halls at 12pm. An owner of a hall in North Nazimabad said that the decision would not impact their businesses, as they were the only one who closed wedding centers at 10pm.