LAHORE PML-N has decided to carry forward its 'Go Zardari Go Drive by launching a mass contact campaign and holding protests in various districts under the lead of party chief Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. PML-N Deputy Secretary-General Ahsan Iqbal announced on Saturday in a press conference, saying that Nawaz would lead protests in DG Khan on October 19, Lahore on October 26 and Faisalabad on November 4. Ahsan said that the party launched its drive against the massive corruption of the federal government, loadshedding and price hike from the federal capital and now it has decided to carry it to other cities. He accused the PPP-led coalition of incompetence, saying it has failed in solving peoples problems despite getting ample time to show its performance but it has failed to mend its ways. He averred that his party was left with no choice but lead public protests with the objective of forcing the government to focus on resolving public issues. PML-N leader alleged the ruling coalition of carrying corruption to unprecedented levels, claiming that Rs1,000 billion were embezzled in different organisations of the federal government. He also alleged that coalition partners in the federal government had joined hands just to protect their personal stakes a reference to PML-Q. He claimed that the blue-eyed were being appointed on lucrative posts without assessing their competence and credibility. Ahsan maintained that the rulers kept on increasing electricity and oil prices without accounting for its adverse impact on the lives of the people. He claimed that poor management and planning was the main cause of massive loadshedding, saying the problem could not be solved through two holidays a week. Responding to a question, he claimed that PML-N was the only party which could bring prosperity and progress in the country as it has an excellent team of economic experts and a roadmap to achieve the goals of prosperity and progress. About the appointment of Admiral (r) Fasih Bokhari as NAB chairman, he said they had no personal grudge against him but they were against the procedure of his appointment.