The opposition parties have urged the government to form a committee to implement resolutions of All Parties Conference (APC). The federal government has not taken any step for implementation of the APC resolutions even after passing of 15 days. The opposition claimed that the PPP-led government is using delaying tactics in this regard. Political parties expressed grave concerns over the non-implementation of the APC resolutions. Expressing apprehensions over the non-implementation of APC resolutions, the PML-N spokesperson, Mushahid Ullah Khan said that from the very first day of the government, it is showing irresponsible behaviour regarding the national issues. He said the government doesnt want to implement APC resolutions and is killing the time by using different tactics. Moreover, Mushahid Ullah blamed that on certain issues decisions have been taken by the government but political parties are not taken into confidence. He said that after the Abbottabad incident, the government announced to form a commission but no results have, so far, been seen while same immature attitude is repeated with the APC resolutions. He added that PML-N would raise the issue in the parliament and will leave no stone unturned for implementation of the APC resolutions. The Spokesperson of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), Zahid Kazmi said that his party decided to participate in the All Parties Conference for the sake of sovereignty and self-esteem of the country. He said at that time threats were given to the country, however, the PTI decided not to politicise the issue in the larger interest of the country. He said that the PPP-led government called APC for political consultation but after the conference it ignored its resolutions. Zahid Kazmi warned that if government further delayed the resolutions then PTI would start countrywide protest against the government. The Jamaat e Islami (JI) has also resented the non-implementation of APC resolutions. The JI leader Professor Khurshed Ahmed said the federal government is adopting dual policy. During the meeting with the political parties, the government supports their suggestions, however; after that they stop thinking about it, he added. He said that JI would raise the issue of non-implementation of APC resolutions both in the Senate and National Assembly.