Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has called for following an open policy and holding talks with others without accepting pressure as mere political statements would not resolve the problems. In an interview with a private TV channel, the former banker turned prime minister said all the political leaders would have to sit together to take the country out of crises. He said Afghanistan is a twin brother of Pakistan, and peace in both the countries is interlinked and they have united future. He said any conspiracy by India against Pakistan from the Afghan soil would be unacceptable. For this purpose, he said, Pakistan must openly convey its viewpoint to the USA in the context of Afghanistan. He said peace can be ensured with strength and not weakness. He said during his tenure in the government, he defended the interests of Pakistan at every stage. He said for peace in the region, resolution of lingering dispute of Kashmir was necessary. Shaukat Aziz said Pakistan is an important country but USA is a global power and Pakistan must enhance contacts with Washington at every level. He said the US wants that no one attacks its troops in Afghanistan and holds Pakistan responsible for attacks by militants. He said Pakistan is concerned about its interests and not the Haqqani network. The former premier said Pakistan would have to give its agenda to US and create trust in relations between the two countries. "At the same time efforts must be made to have friendly relations with every country." He said that economic crisis and inflation is a worldwide issue and people were protesting everywhere against price hike and reforms. He said Pakistan is in a region which is afflicted by problems and due to its geographical location, every country is taking interest in it. He said another reason for problems in Pakistan is the presence of Afghan refugees who are a great burden on its economy. Replying to questions, Shaukat Aziz said former Afghan President Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani was a friend of Pakistan and peace and wanted strong relations between the two countries. He said allegations against Pakistan for the death of Burhanuddin Rabbani would not help restoration of peace and establishment of friendly relations. He said if the Afghans have any proof, they should give it to Pakistan.