You are quite right in pointing out in your editorial 'No to NWA front (Oct.15) that Pakistans stand for sometime has been not to open another front in North Waziristan despite US insistence; only it was put forth far more strongly this time to US envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan and ISAF commander US General John Allan, and hopefully even the Americans, thick as they are, would understand it. Another difference, as pointed out by you, was that Marc Grossman took a much softer line this time, saying 'US wants Pakistan to extend greater cooperation, instead of the previous blunt command, 'do more. However, we should not forget that, as If to tease us, there were stepped up drone attacks just before the dialogue and about the same time, US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Martin Dempsey were spitting venom against Pakistan in Congressional hearings. Also, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama keep talking about Pakistan in their usual offensive manner. So, there has been no real change in the US attitude; if anything, the situation is getting worse and the number of drone attacks has increased to confirm their statement that Pakistan has even dropped opposing drone attacks, to which our foreign office issued a tame reply. In view of the strong sentiment in Assemblies, among officials and general public, the Americans feared that Pakistan would stop supplies to NATO going through Pakistan in case of continued drone attacks, and they had even started trying to get alternate routes but seeing no move on the part of Pakistan, they are quite assured now that our government has absolutely no intention to cause the Americans any 'inconvenience. So, we are giving away our 'sovereignty bit by bit, or in large chunks as some may say, and on the cheap. Our association with the US brought us $60 billion worth of aid in over sixty years against which we lost $68 billion in economic losses on top of 5,000 soldiers and 30,000 civilians dead in the current round alone. This can hardly be termed to be a win-win situation for Pakistan. Being in the strong position that they are, I hope our officials take a firm stand during the forthcoming visit of the vain woman, Hillary Clinton, instead of being on the defensive all the time. At worst, the Americans will stop their aid to Pakistan, which they are not releasing anyway. They would have to so in view of widespread protests at home, and being under extreme public and financial pressure to cut down on, and stop the ongoing conflicts. They are in no position to open another front by starting a war with Pakistan. S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, October 15.