OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed while saying that railways has not even diesel for one day, questioned what would happen if we have to send supplies to the borders in case of any emergency. He added that Pakistans arch rival India has secured all the time 70 to 90 days additional oil stock for the army. He expressed these views while addressing to the participants of the AMLs sit-in to save Pakistan Railways staged in front of Lahore Railways Station on Saturday. The AML chief on this occasion announced launching a train march from Karachi to Islamabad to press for their demand for improving the functioning of Railways. Dozens of workers of AML were holding placards and chanted slogans for rehabilitation of railway and against the railway management. Rashid alleged that increasing corruption and red-tapism of bureaucracy were the root cause of railway wreck. The AML chief warned the government of third force intervention if the prevailing situation in the country remains unchanged by March 12 next year. He said that the sitting government could not be sent home by launching protests in front of the parliament, while it would quit only when masses come on roads. The AML chief said, It is ironical, we can make atom bomb, tanks and missiles but have no capability to manufacture or repair our locomotives. He said that during his ministry period, he started 24 new trains but currently railway ministry closed down the operations of 124 trains besides dropping all mega projects like double track, signals improvement and bullet train. CHANGE?INEVITABLE:? Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan has said that a change was inevitable and the patriotic forces would have to join hands for steering the country out of the present crisis. Talking to the newsmen at Mansoora after meeting with Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed who called on him on Saturday evening, he said that none of the political parties was capable of solo flight. Munawar Hasan said the alliances to be formed in the present situation would be election alliances. Earlier, he received Rashid Ahmed at Mansoora. Sh Rashid said that the JI had been striving for the supremacy of Islam at international and national level as also for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan. The JI had played crucial role in every difficult situation and its services for the country were unforgettable. He said that at present, the eyes of the nation were on the JI. We both are people of the same ideology, he said, adding that both wanted to keep the banner of Allah and His Prophet high. The country was currently in the mire of lawlessness, corruption, unemployment and price spiral and the JI could play a leading role in pulling the country out of this situation. He said he had come to the JI chief to request him to play his role in the prevailing situation.